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While all-purpose fishing boats are naturally intended for fishing, their inherently adaptable nature means they can be used for just about any type of boating adventures. In fact, find the best all-purpose fishing boat for your family and you’ll probably discover you have so many different options, it’s hard to choose which activity to enjoy when the weekend arrives. These fishing boats can be used in all different types of waters ranging from rivers to lakes to bays. Fishing rod holders that allow you to rest your rod between casts or try trolling multiple lines, aerated baitwells which keep your minnow alive and frisky, and integrated tackleboxes that help you keep your fishing gear organized are a just a few examples of the items you may find built into all-purpose fishing boats.

When the fish stop biting or the kids get fidgety, one of the things we love about all-purpose fishing boats is that they are also perfectly suited for activities like water skiing or pulling tubes. Virtually all modern models, including small fishing boats, have stern eyes you can clip a tow-line on, re-boarding ladders for climbing on and off the boat, and sufficient power to give the kids a thrilling ride. Many also have swim platforms, removable towing attachments, and other accessories that are ideal for times when fishing isn’t the main mission.

All-purpose fishing boats can also be used to simply day cruise around different waterways. This can be an eye-opening experience which is a lot more interesting than it may sound. Sure, everyone likes a boat ride—but envision meandering through an isolated creek for a wildlife cruise and spotting eagles, herons, and egrets that are doing a little fishing of their own. Picture crossing the lake to visit a dockside restaurant for lunch. Or maybe taking the boat through an urban waterway to see the sights of the city from a unique aquatic point of view.

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