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Top 10 Reasons to Own a Boat

1) Boating is great exercise. Exercise releases endorphins and is one of best ways to help manage stress. Whether you’re manning the sails, swimming, fishing, scuba diving, or exploring new beachfronts – there’s something for every age and every fitness level.

2) Boating is a great way to bond with family and friends. One of the best ways to maintain a proper work/life balance is by making sure you spend quality time with friends and family. Switch-off the TV and start reconnecting with those who are most important to you by enjoying a day or weekend on the water together.

3) Boating is affordable. One of the biggest misconceptions about boating is that it’s expensive. What most people don’t know is that you can hire a boat for less than what it costs to take a family of four to the movies for the afternoon! Otherwise, if you’re looking to make a purchase, there are financing options available.

4) Boating is relaxing. There’s something incredibly freeing about cruising on the open water – breathing in the fresh air, feeling the wind in your hair and the ocean beneath. Leave all your worries back on the shore and escape for the day.

5) Boating is convenient. Another common misconception about boating is that it’s not easily accessible. Even if you don’t live near the ocean, Australia has many waterways to explore – from bays to rivers to lakes. Call your local council or do a quick Google search on water access points in your area.

6) Boating gets you back in touch with nature. Jump into a sailboat and use nature’s power to travel. What better way to reconnect than spending time outside in the natural environment! Quality time away from noisy buses and trains and high-rise buildings is a perfect way to unwind.

7) Boating is a rewarding activity. Whether you’re practicing the perfect cast, learning how to tack in a sailboat, or are exploring the amazing marine life with a snorkel and fins, boating provides a platform for a variety of activities and interests.

8) Boating is a great alternative. If you’re tired of the same old weekend activities, try something new! Perhaps you’ve never been offshore fishing or you want to try your hand at water skiing – there is something for everyone.

9) Boating is easy to learn. There are boating and water safety courses everywhere these days. There are classes for sailing, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling and even water-skiing. No matter what you’re interested in, there’s a wide array of information available to interested boaters.

10) Best of all, boating is FUN – all you need to do is remember to stick to the simple safety guidelines and enjoy yourself!

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BMC Boats Ranked No. 17 of Boating Industry Top 100 dealers

Recognized as one of the top boat dealers in North America

BMC Boats has been named one of the Top 100 dealers in North America by Boating Industry, the leading trade publication for the marine industry.

“There are thousands of boat dealers in the United States and Canada, and only the truly elite make the Top 100,” said Boating Industry Editor in Chief Jonathan Sweet. “These dealers are the best in the industry, not only excelling at selling boats, but also at promoting the boating lifestyle.”

The Top 100 is an annual list of dealerships that are unsurpassed in business operations, professionalism, marketing tactics, customer service and more. The Top 100 has recognized the top dealers in North America every year since 2005.

“As the Top 100 enters its second decade, the dealers on this year’s list are healthier than they have been in years,” Sweet said. “The 2015 Top 100 and Hall of Fame topped $2.5 billion in total sales – the highest total for the Top 100 since 2008. They sold more boats, grew profits, increased service efficiency and improved CSI scores.”

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