Welcome to the BMC Boats Cruise Club!

Meet your Captain and First Mate Bill and Paula Fulton, and yes they just happen to be the owners of BMC Boats too!This is a free club made up of members who are our customers. If you buy a boat from BMC Boats, you are automatically a member of this exclusive club. Travel all over Florida in the comfort of your own boat as we visit exciting destinations. Become a member of our Facebook Page or just check out the video below and see one of our favorite destinations, Caladesi Island in Clearwater area!

BMC Boats Cruise Club Events 2017

BMC Boats Cruise Club visits many destinations in Florida. Want to join us? Some events are open to all and some are just for members. Please check them out on our calendar. We have been cruising with our customers for over 14 years now and just seeing the fun and excitement of our customers learning how to use their boats and where to use them, gives us satisfaction in knowing we are doing something to enhance their boating experience. If you would like more information about our cruises go to www.bmcboats.comor e-mail us at info@bmcboats.com and we are always updating our events and happenings at our BMC Boats Group Facebook page, or just search for BMC Boats and become a fan!

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